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about Scott Crawley

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Hello, I'm Scott Crawley your online Marketing Consultant. Have you ever wanted to know how people sell and make money even during family time or while on a trip to Your Mom or Dads house without being a slave to the computer and still have all the pieces in place so you can make money and build your list by using the power of Automation? Well, I can honestly say when you have all the system set up and the earning potential working in your won business begins to take shape. I want to help you achieve making your vision come true with the knowledge and tools God has given my team. We will host your vision! Click the WP Digital Gold bot and schedule your session with me to see where you are in your digital journey!


“If you fail to plan you are planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

Customers reviews

What are people saying about Scott?

"In the past 3 weeks, Scott has taught me so much about these apps and about my laptop computer! I’ve had the laptop 3 years and I have learned more and used it more in the last 3 weeks than ever before! I have appreciated all the help Scott has been willing to share his knowledge with me and help me with all this. I am excited to be able to pass it forward to others. Thank you!"
Linda Mann
“Scott Crawley has been like a mentor to me over the couple months. Showing me thing’s online I never heard of or seen from any of these 1 and 2-hour webinar’s or even paid for program’s I joined with promises of making money fast online. Scott has always been honest and true. He deserves whatever he makes online because he is willing to help those below him who are just searching for anything how to begin. I see him as a mentor as many now do and if your gonna pay anything I would pay Scott who has asked for nothing yet but he is worth a lot more then the program’s I have paid for In the past. Thanks!"
Gary Lee


Our philosophy is here today and to continue beyond the finished project!