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A blog is an important ingredient in your marketing and can also make you some nice cash.

Now, I can just speak for myself, my views and experiences, but I know that other people may have their own opinions.   I’m always open to hearing other peoples’ views about this industry, and welcome your comments and ideas I have heard many people say, “I can’t do a blog, I can’t write ads,” or here is one, “I can’t get a downline”. I just have one thing to say to this and I hope no one takes it wrong – the word “can’t”should not be in your vocabulary!  You CAN if you just work at it a little.

When I first turned on a computer, I found there was so much to learn in order to earn money on the net.  It can be overwhelming.

Here is a thought for you…think of marketing like this: You and your dad are at a baseball game. As you watch, you think, “these players, they are making this stuff look easy”!

Let me tell you something, I was so overwhelmed with information and things to do when I first started, it was enough to make a person quit the GAME right there!

So I had to decide…should I stay or should I go? I can now tell you that there is not a day that goes by that I am so glad that I decided to learn all I could and stay with it.  With a lot of help from God, some very good friends and great mentors, I am finally seeing great things happen.

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If you’re reading this blog and you know me, please get back with me with any suggestions you may have to improve what I’m doing here.  We all have things to learn. I feel that if a friend asks your opinion about their blog, or an ad, or anything, for that matter, they deserve to hear the truth, even if those words aren’t easy to hear at times.  This is how we learn, and not giving an honest opinion, you are not helping that person or yourself.

So please be truthful and honest in your marketing, whether it be blogging, advertising, talking to someone on chat, adding people to a chat room – be honest and treat people the way you would want to be treated.

I would end it there…make another post and cover branding.


One big thing you will learn is that name you are branding is to be treated like gold and or that list of people that you have on skype or in you autoresponder they are there for a reason and if you go around selling your list or spamming them with program after program that is not going do your name very much good at all!

There are different types of Marketing, in this blog and in my nugget newsletter you will learn them, some people are ready know some of this stuff, that is good please feel free to leave me a comment so I can learn to – I am never to good or to old for learning new things.

One thing I have learned and will practice now is people do not like reading long drawn out messages so I will wrap this blog thought up and continue later.

Thank you for staying with me this far, hope to chat with you on skype and or the phone one of these days I would love to show you how to bring that success out in you.

Scott Crawley

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