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Having a blog is a very important ingredient in your recipe for success for 2022 and for the foreseeable future, also you can make some nice cash with your blog if you monetize it correctly so Book your consultation today with me or one of my team at Host A Vision and we will show you show you how to monetize your blog and get it ready to earn you some money.

All though we can provide you with the knowledge and tools, you have to take action and do the work to earn the type of money that you are looking for.

Now, I can just speak for myself when I share my expertise with you about marketing and working on this Digital Highway that we know as the Internet

I am sure you may have heard of different methods and ideas but these are the methods and ideas that I have used and tested, they have proved to work and save time for me and I am sure they can help as you work on your digital dream Now if you choose the consultation package I will be with you today, tomorrow and forever while we work on making your digital dream come true.  

One thing I hear all the time is what should I put in my blog, I am no expert why would anyone want to read my blog. What information should I share on my blog?

You do not have to be an expert or anything just to create a website do not let that stop you from having your piece of real estate on this Digital Highway and earning money in 2022!

When I first turned on a computer, I found there was so much to learn in order to earn money and put words on a blog after I figured all this stuff out, Things started to get more fun and I was begging to learn how to put this all together but then I would run into a digital roadblock and begin to second guess my digital dreams.

Because it can be very frustrating, it is at this point when you might be thinking “is this even possible” and then you are at many forks in the road and information overload begins to form in your mind. 

Either you stay in that overload state of mind or you move forward and begin to put the pieces together, then that’s when this internet stuff begins to get fun and can be quite profitable because you are learning more and the pieces are forming your recipe for success

Here is a thought for you to think about think of marketing is like this: You and your dad are at a baseball game. as you watch this game may be thinking these players are making this look Fun and Easy, well Host A Vision, and my Team will show you how to make your vision fun and easier.

About 12 years ago when I first turned on the computer and started my internet journey I knew that I wanted to be part of this, but this stuff was not going to be easy at all.

Having a full-time job and working towards my internet dream in my spare time, man I thought about throwing the computer and this dream away quite a few times.

So that night or morning whenever I decided to turn the computer off and get 4 hours sleep before work the next day. Then after work, I would fire up the computer and begin working on my dream again. maybe I would get a couple more pieces of the internet puzzle then I could get more confused.

Something told me to not give up on this dream and little by litte I would learn more and then one day I began to learn how to put this stuff together so it all made sense but more about this later on, now I want to tell about my two partners and something about our dream that we talked about and then finally it began to slowly form in front of our eyes and then soon we kinda thought we should have a name for this business.

One day I learned about skype, a digital platform where you can meet and talk to people from around the world anyway God lead me to Stan Jackowski and Sam Bradley, now I have known them through the internet for 12 years, never officially meet them but God will provide a way for this to happen one day.

Anyway, our business came to be known as ( Host A Vision) now there have been other businesses that came from Host A Vision but there will only be one host a vision and out of that on business, God sent to us we now have added clients and other businesses.  

All three of us had ideas and those ideas turned into dreams then God go ahold of it and made it all come true, I’m proud to be part of it and to have both Stan and Sam as my friends.

Host A Vision has changed my life forever, as well as meeting Stan, Becky, and Sam I have learned something about this digital journey we are on. ( See it, Believe it, and the Achieve it) that’s what we do at Host A Vision!

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